Our Aim: Export

ouraim-exportOur commitment to export is nevertheless a commitment to the immigrant and ethnic minority entrepreneurs that we serve because of the multicultural, multinational experience and skill sets they bring and offer to the community at large. The Tejara Center encourages and supports all small businesses to prepare and engage in international trade. There has never been a better time to expand into the global market. With the advancement of technology-based commerce, next-day air freight deliveries, and significant reduction in trade barriers, it no longer makes sense to limit company sales to the local or even national market. Increased export means greater business growth, and greater business growth means more jobs and bigger profits for U.S. companies.

Our push for export is backed by the latest and most comprehensive research showing:

  • Companies that export grow faster and are less likely to fail than companies that don’t.
  • Companies that export experience faster annual growth.
  • Workers employed in exporting companies have better paying jobs.

The Tejara Center is committed to providing the counseling, training and access to capital needed to overcome the hurdles of entering foreign markets and to surviving greater economic downturns. We encourage you to learn more.

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Why export?

Now more than ever before in American history, U.S. companies are exporting U.S. goods and services at record highs. In 2012 U.S. exports hit an all-time record of $2.2 trillion. In just the first quarter of 2013 U.S. exports neared $555 billion, the highest quarterly total on record.  (http://trade.gov/nei/nei-fact-sheet.asp )

The National Export Initiative (NEI) has been the catalyst of change in providing U.S. small and medium-size business with export assistance in the form of resources, funding and improved trade agreements.  NEI has focused its efforts on increasing the number of U.S. SME exporters and making it easier for them to access export assistance through various avenues.

The Tejara Global Business Development Center is a valued partner and avenue in the effort to prepare SME’s for international expansion.

Why Choose the Tejara Center Export Acceleration Programs?

Tired of Elementary education on export?

Our Export Acceleration Programs will drill beyond export basics and walk you through the process of preparing for export, developing your export plan, and implementing your export strategy.

Too busy running your day-to-day operations to realize your company’s export potential?

See our calendar of events for the next scheduled export program.

Although you can’t get around the effort and time it will take to launch an export plan, our Export Acceleration Programs will meet you half way by providing vital resources, counseling you through the pain points, and guiding your success.

Latest statistics:

Nearly 96 percent of consumers live outside of the United States.
Two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power is in foreign markets.
A record 295,000 U.S. SME’s exported goods in 2011, accounting for 98 percent of all exporters identified

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