About Us

The Tejara Global Business Development Center (Tejara Center) is a mixed-use international business incubator dedicated to the development and growth of entrepreneurial visions, start-up and fledgling businesses.

Our Mission: 

To grow exports and diverse economic development for Michigan; leveraging the global knowledge and networks within immigrant and ethnic entrepreneurial businesses in a quest to strengthen international trade.  To connect the Tejara Global Business Development Center Incubator with overseas incubators. To attract/promote Foreign Investment to Michigan. To connect Michigan entrepreneurs to export resources and global markets.

Our Commitment:

To assess, educate, and oversee an effective business growth plan of action lead by  a team of experts dedicated to the specific needs of each and every company we serve.

Our Foundation:

The Tejara Center was founded on the idea that comprehensive business development and support services, one-on-one business coaching and access to capital provided to small and early stage businesses would foster successful entrepreneurship and strong growth potential for start-ups and expanding businesses. We are one of Michigan’s first business incubators to focus on the specific needs and unique strengths of immigrant and minority-owned business. Yet, we do not limit our services to any specific population and will serve a variety of business types at different stages of development.  We welcome all entrepreneurs and recognize that economic, social, and educational opportunities will translate into thriving businesses, job growth and stimulation of the economy overall. The concept for a Tejara Center incubator with emphasis on export as well as immigrant and ethnic minority entrepreneurs was founded by a small team of immigrant and successful business owners and entrepreneurs who have lead international forums engaging large American businesses with foreign enterprises. The success of those forums has driven the focus on export and the importance of leveraging the strengths and unique experiences of immigrant and minority entrepreneurs in our community.

Meet the Tejara Center Board of Directors and member support team.  

  • ahmad chebbaniAhmad Chebbani, Founder, Immigrant, entrepreneur and visionary leader currently serving as the Tejara Center Chair of the Executive Board

  • Fay pic 2008 Fay Beydoun, Chief Operating Officer, dynamic community leader, immigrant and strong supporter of the Arab American advancement.