Application, Review & Selection Process

Who should apply?

Entrepreneurs pursuing a viable business idea
Start-up businesses aspiring to grow faster and work smarter
Expanding businesses ready to step it up to the next level

When to apply?

An application or inquiry is not necessary with registration for a workshop or event and include most workshops and events open to the public.

The following programs do require an inquiry form followed by a business needs assessment:

Export Basics
Export Accelerator Program

Biz Basics
Entrepreneur Accelerator

Tejara Center Resident Membership Program
Tejara Center Virtual Membership Program

Process Overview:

To get the process started, interested parties need only submit a simple inquiry form. The inquiry is followed by an initial phone interview that leads qualifying prospects to a comprehensive needs assessment of their business or business idea. A selection committee will review the needs assessment to determine whether or not the company is a suitable candidate for the programs and services provided by Tejara Center.

Steps in the application and selection process:

Click here to complete the online inquiry form to be considered for anyone of our Tejara Center programs.

You will be contacted by a team member within 2 business days.

Potential Candidates will have the opportunity to meet in person to complete a needs assessment of their business and explore options provided by the Tejara Center.

Management along with a selection committee will review the needs assessment and make the final determination. A second interview with the selection committee may be requested.

Applicants will be notified in writing within a reasonable time of their application.

What we ask on the Needs Assessment:

We do not ask for information protected by patens or that is patent worthy.
We do not ask for unnecessary confidential information.
We do ask for:

A description of the business

A description of the product or service

Statements on salability of product or service

Overview of marketing strategy

Qualifications of founder & management team

Projected financial stability for at least one year

Any other information related to your business that may help us determine eligibility

We are strongly committed to the success of women, immigrant and ethnic minority business owners. We do ask for voluntary identifying information regarding immigrant status, ethnicity and gender to help us determine our success in reaching our targeted populations.