Our commitment to these services is a commitment to the success of each and every entrepreneur engaged with the Tejara Center. The following core list of the support services and resources offered by Tejara Center are made available to members with or without incubator tenancy:

Business Assessments

The Tejara Center will offer an initial company performance assessment followed by an on-going process that could involve one-on-one weekly meetings or periodic meetings, as well as informal or formal communications. The objective of these meetings will be to provide the member with the coaching, direction and resources necessary to further develop the business, to update the Tejara team of the company’s progress, and to report required data.  Attending scheduled meetings, actively participating, and implement steps toward acceleration of company growth is a crucial step toward successful graduation.

Education and Coaching

Educational and training programs offered by the Tejara Center are designed to accelerate the business objectives and profitability of our member companies. Two key programs, the Tejara Center Entrepreneur Accelerator Program and the Export Accelerator program, are at the core of incubation and our effort to expand the growth of member companies.   In addition, the Tejara Center will offer a broad array of access to business development services, and mentoring or coaching opportunities. This may include one-on-one and group mentoring/coaching, technical assistance, workshops, seminars and other opportunities to help Entrepreneurs build their business on a strong foundation and fast-track the growth of their companies. A strong focus is given to leading the sale of products and services to foreign markets.

Export Support

The Tejara Center is committed to offering the assistance needed to help members move their company to the next level, from domestic to international export. The objective of the center is to build an extensive list of export support services and establish governmental and organizational relationships that facilitate exporting to targeted foreign countries and encourage members to use these linkages and resources to build foreign markets for their products/services.

Raising Capital

The Tejara Center is committed to assisting members in analyzing their capital needs and advising them on best practices for attracting investment capital. The Tejara Center will maintain a network of contacts in the venture capital and angel investor communities upon which Members may draw. The Tejara Center will also direct members to financial resources.

Professional Resources

Tejara Center will provide Members with access to a network of professional service providers, including but not limited to accountants, attorneys, human resource specialists, and marketing specialists. The Tejara Center will maintain a roster of “preferred” service providers with proven experience in assisting start-up companies and, upon request, will advise members on use of service providers.  Typically, although not guaranteed, most of these providers discount services to the Tejara Center members.

Incubation: Resident and Virtual 

The Tejara Center Tenant Program and Virtual (Non-Tenant) Program provide housing in a mixed-business incubator with individual work space for tenants, shared work space for non tenants and all the amenities of a professional office building for better than affordable rates.  Although affordable incubator space is of great importance to many start-up companies, we believe acceleration of business growth is the greater benefit of both programs.