Export Track


Export Basics:

If you are interested in expanding your customer base and increasing your sales then you should consider exporting.  The Tejara Center encourages and supports all small businesses with preparing for and engaging in international trade.

There has never been a better time to expand into the global market. With the advancement of technology-based commerce, next-day air freight deliveries, and significant reduction in trade barriers, it no longer makes sense to limit company sales to the local or even national market. Increased export means greater business growth, and greater business growth means more jobs and bigger profits for U.S. companies.

Free and low cost export readiness workshops that will be open to Tejara Center members and non-members.

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Export Accelerator Program:


The Tejara Center’s Export Accelerator Program is a 4 month intensive entrepreneurial training program with an export focus that will be offered twice annually.  Topics covered will include:  Exploring Export, Supply Chain Management (logistics), Marketing and Sales Internationally, Operating Globally, Leadership and Management, and Finance and Capital.

Learning Objectives:

Determining your products’ export potential, assessing your company’s export readiness, step-by-step approach to market research, how to access government resources, how to find qualified buyers, preparing your product for export: product adaptation, engineering and redesign, branding, labeling, packaging and warranties, international legal considerations, shipping your product:  freight forwarders, packing, documentation, and insurance, financing export transactions.

Program Benefits:

Weekly training sessions, one-on-one meetings with experts and…attorneys, accountants, freight forwarders, etc., development of an actionable international business plan, access to capital, specialized networking events, export workshops and events, assistance with connecting with contacts in targeted international markets.

A glimpse of topics:

New export initiatives   *Introduction to export   * Preparing an export business plan   *Finding industry based export data   *Global/international market research   * Developing an export marketing plan   *Determining your method of export *Product compliance   * Financing your export venture *Forecasting sales and international pricing   *Export assistance agencies and resources   *foreign contacts / matchmaking    * Trade problems and legal assistance   *Export and taxes

Basic Criteria for Eligibility:

Company is a start-up or small to medium enterprise (SME) seeking expansion into a foreign market
Company has a viable product or service for export
Company’s management team is willing to commit time and resources to meeting the consulting requirements of the Tejara Center program.
Other requirements apply depending on the program of interest.


Fees are indicated at the time of registration. Please contact us for pricing on the export accelerator programs.

Entrepreneurship Track


Biz Basics

Free and low cost business capacity building workshops that will be open to both Tejara Center members and non-members. Topics cover a wide range of topics such as marketing, legal, business planning, bookkeeping, etc:

Business Startup Basics – Learn the fundamentals of starting and operating a small business in Michigan.  Topics include, but not limited to, personal assessment, legal structure, market research, and financing.

Business Plan Basics –  The business plan is an important part of developing a successful business. When completed, it will provide a road map to guide your business and communicate your business idea to others. In this workshop you will begin to develop your business plan to get you started on the right track.

Marketing Basics –  The next step in the business planning process is determining if there is a market for your product or service. Learn how to effectively research your idea and determine your target market, as well as how to market your business to your customers.

Human Resource Basics – In most businesses, your most valuable assets are the employees.  Yet, you are often too busy to pay attention to the things that help you obtain and keep strong, motivated employees.  Learn to focus on tools to strengthen your staff including: effective recruiting and hiring procedures, developing useful job descriptions, implementing motivating reward systems, and using management techniques that maximize employee satisfaction.

Bookkeeping Basics – For those with little or no accounting experience, learn to understand the basics of record keeping and help you answer the following questions: What type of records do you need to keep? Should you have a manual or computerized system for keeping records? Do you need to hire a bookkeeper?

Financing Basics – When it’s time to get a small business loan, preparation is the first step.  Get a detailed look at bank lending from the bankers perspective.  Learn about the Five C’s of Credit, the different types of loans and when and why you should use them, SBA programs, and non-bank loan programs that are available to businesses that have not been successful at getting bank support.  Get answers to all of your questions about how the banking process works.

Legal Basics –  Learn how to protect your business, including discussing the various legal forms, the basics of contracts, as well as other legal risks.

Introduction to Quickbooks – If you are exploring different methods of computerized record keeping, learn what Quickbooks can do for you and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Come find out what Quickbooks accounting software can do for you.

Leveraging Social Media Sites to Market Your Business – For those who are new to using social media marketing. Learn the features and benefits of each of the most popular social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Get Your Business Online –  Thinking about creating a website, or do you have one that is not getting the results that you had anticipated? Find out the steps to putting your business on the web and what to look for when choosing a website design company. Learn how to get the results you want through better search engine placement, links, and more.

Franchising as a Business Ownership Option – Learn franchising basics, including the array of categories and investment levels available (starting at around $50K), and how to go about defining your own personal vision, matching that up with viable choices, and conducting proper due diligence to make sure your selecting the RIGHT fit for YOU!

Biz Accelerator


Using the NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs curriculum, this 3 month (12-sessions broken into 36 hours) course will give entrepreneurs and business owners the professional knowledge and management skills they need to grow their business combined with one-on-one business counseling. Participants will learn to identify feasible opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth, and bring them to fruition by preparing a comprehensive business plan based on proven market research, financial management and project management techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Profitable growth and the entrepreneurial mindset, setting goals and objectives for sustainable growth, business planning and feasibility studies, the importance of networking, how your business structure affects your growth options, legal issues that affect growing businesses, identifying new markets and competitors, using customer and competition profiles to analyze new market potential, balancing the Four Ps, building a global brand, setting the right price in new markets, maintaining excellent customer service during business growth, financial statements and their uses, how accounting systems guide growth,  preparing a Personal Financial Statement and current Business Balance Sheet, using ratios to analyze Balance Sheet information, examining bookkeeping and recordkeeping activities and controls, debt and equity financing for growth opportunities, alternative financing sources, preparing a financing proposal, communicating your financial needs to lenders and investors, negotiating and managing deals and contracts, avoiding the pitfalls of unmanaged growth, project management, financial management and other tools for managed growth, growing your supply chain

Program Benefits:

Weekly training sessions, one-on-one meetings with experts and…attorneys, accountants, , etc, development of an actionable business plan, access to capital, specialized networking events, business workshops, assistance with connecting with buyers in both the government and private sector

A glimpse of topics:

Business assessment and goal setting   *writing a business plan   * Business plan vs. business model   *Steps to develop and refine your business concept   *Market research   * Competitor research   *Pricing your product   * Branding and marketing   *Patents and trademarks   *Finance    *Taxes  *Growing your business * distribution channels * Using technology to enhance sales * Customer retention and customer services

Basic Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Company is a start- up or small to medium enterprise (SME)
  • Company has a marketable product/service or viable business idea
  • Company’s management team is willing to commit time and resources to meeting the consulting requirements of the Tejara Center program.

Other requirements apply depending on the program of interest.


Fees are indicated at the time of registration. Please contact us for pricing on the entrepreneurship programs.