Export Track


Export Basics

If you are interested in expanding your customer base and increasing your sales then you should consider exporting.  The Tejara Center encourages and supports all small businesses with preparing for and engaging in international trade.

There has never been a better time to expand into the global market. With the advancement of technology-based commerce, next-day air freight deliveries, and significant reduction in trade barriers, it no longer makes sense to limit company sales to the local or even national market. Increased export means greater business growth, and greater business growth means more jobs and bigger profits for U.S. companies.

Free and low cost export readiness workshops that will be open to Tejara Center members and non-members.

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Export Accelerator Program 

The Tejara Center’s Export Accelerator Program is a 4 month intensive entrepreneurial training program with an export focus that will be offered twice annually.  Topics covered will include:  Exploring Export, Supply Chain Management (logistics), Marketing and Sales Internationally, Operating Globally, Leadership and Management, and Finance and Capital.

Learning Objectives:

Determining your products’ export potential, assessing your company’s export readiness, step-by-step approach to market research, how to access government resources, how to find qualified buyers, preparing your product for export: product adaptation, engineering and redesign, branding, labeling, packaging and warranties, international legal considerations, shipping your product:  freight forwarders, packing, documentation, and insurance, financing export transactions.

Program Benefits:

Weekly training sessions, one-on-one meetings with experts and mentors..ie…attorneys, accountants, freight forwarders, etc., development of an actionable international business plan, access to capital, specialized networking events, export workshops and events, assistance with connecting with contacts in targeted international markets.

A glimpse of topics:

 New export initiatives   *Introduction to export   * Preparing an export business plan   *Finding industry based export data   *Global/international market research   * Developing an export marketing plan   *Determining your method of export *Product compliance   * Financing your export venture *Forecasting sales and international pricing   *Export assistance agencies and resources   *foreign contacts / matchmaking    * Trade problems and legal assistance   *Export and taxes

Basic Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Company is a start-up or small to medium enterprise (SME) seeking expansion into a foreign market
  • Company has a viable product or service for export
  • Company’s management team is willing to commit time and resources to meeting the consulting requirements of the Tejara Center program.

Other requirements apply depending on the program of interest.


Fees are indicated at the time of registration. Please contact us for pricing on the export accelerator programs.