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Pushing boundaries and defying expectations…

Dan Tejara

The Tejara Center is proud to post an update on one of our member clients, Mr. Dan El-Ayache, Co-Owner and CEO of PACKSTRONG.

While many start their careers after college, Dan started his at the early age of 15 years old.  He is one of 4 siblings who grew up in a family that established themselves from the ground up, turning something out of nothing.  Dan paid his own way through Eastern Michigan University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance with high honors.  He took a job with General Motors as a Finance Analyst soon after graduation, working on multi-billion dollar projects both locally and globally.

During this entire time, Dan was working nights and weekends with a group of close friends on turning an idea into reality – designing and developing unique products that would enhance the sports fans experience at games – PACKSTRONG.

In July 2015, Dan left his job at General Motors and now dedicates all his time to taking PACKSTRONG to the next level with the assistance of the Tejara Center!

Congratulations, Dan!

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